Conference Presentations

See a great presentation? Want more? Here is it!


Richmond Workshops

Working Memory and Teaching Strategies presentation by Carolyn Myers



Tidewater Workshops

Pre-K – Science: Don’t BUG me!  presentation and handout by I. Valentini

Is there a Moodler in you?  presentation and handout by Sr. R. Keller

Comprehension Strategies for the Primary Classroom –  presentation and handout #1#2, #3 by Susan Thacker-Gwaltney

Improving Comprehension Instruction presentation and handout #1, #2, #3 by Lisa Nash

Word Studypresentation and handout by Leigh Dewberry and Tracey Price

BEE Organizedpresentation by Leanne Vigneault

Kids & Nutrition: Finding Those Teachable Momentspresentation by Judy Mitnick and Ben McAndrews

Creative Writing for Middle Schoolhandout by Joan Blind

Blogging & Twitteringpresentation and handout by Beth Army


One response

25 10 2010
miriam coton

Nancy and Kay,

Thanks so much for making diocesan networking available for our teachers. We will continue to encourage principals and teachers to connect and collaborate so we can provide innovation in instruction.


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