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23 09 2009

Are you wondering what software others use? How about workstation operating systems? Do you have a specific question about how to get around in Vista? This is the place to discuss all of these types of situations. Feel free to ask, feel free to answer.




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14 11 2009
Carolyn Chambers

Hello Colleagues, this is the first year All Saints will use Lifetouch’s Webease system. If you have any helpful hints that you encountered while using the system, please share them. Thanks

8 12 2009


Is that a yearbook program? We have been using Josten’s online yearbook program for a couple years and it works great. Having a very helpful yearbook rep is invaluable as well. If in doubt, contact your rep. They are great sources of knowledge.

9 12 2009
Carolyn Chambers

Yes, it is LifeTouch’s yearbook program. But I’m glad to hear about Josten’s online yearbook program. I’ve been receiving literature from them for a couple of years now and wondered how they are. We have not been real pleased with Lifetouch and didn’t sign the contract until recently. Thanks for the info on Josten’s.

11 12 2009
Kay Bisaillon


For the first time in years, Nancy and I actually have some help with our yearbook. Some of our helpers are not real comfortable with using technology and they have found the online website pretty manageable. I love being able to do it at home when I have the time.

11 12 2009
Sandra Stearns

I am having our eighth graders work on the yearbook this quarter. They are doing great and some even worked from home during the nor-easter break and Thanksgiving. There are a few annoying features to Lifetouch’s WebEase, but I don’t have much to compare it with as yet.

26 01 2010
Carolyn Chambers

Thanks for your comments everyone! Our Lifetouch Rep came by recently and did a great job setting us in the right direction. The 8th graders are using the system and caught on quickly. As for me, once I let go of the old cut and paste/tape system I was fine!

17 02 2010
David Bullock

For those of you using PDS School Office please note that update 6.1G will not allow you to backup/restore your data. It will also tell you that you need to check your hard drive on the server for data consistency. There is nothing wrong with the server. Please contact the Diocese of Richmond for confirmation of this issue. ** If you have already updated to 6.1G please contact PDS on instructions to downgrade back to 6.1F

24 02 2010
Sandra Stearns

Our school just received 54 computers donated by the Air Force. I would like to load them with WIN XP PRO but the licensing (for WIN 7, downgradable to WIN XP PRO) ran about $68 per computer last time I checked and we don’t have it in the budget. The Microsoft Fresh Start program only applies to WIN 2K which is pretty much unsupported. Does the Diocese offer volume licensing for WIN XP Pro?

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