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22 09 2009

Feel free to post useful teacher websites here!




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8 12 2009
Susan Skoczynski (Bishop Sullivan)

Has anyone played with http://www.wordle.com ? It is a free piece of online software that creates neat “artwork” from a batch of text. I think that it would be a great way to teach contextual reading. Highlight a batch of text; paste it into Wordle; create one. Then show it to the students and ask them to explain what the words have to do with each other based upon their close reading of the text.

8 12 2009
Kay Bisaillon



Wordle is GREAT FUN! I have been using it at St. Gregs for a while now. Students in Grade 1 use it with spelling words. Students in Grade 8 use it for book talks, reviews, history assignments, etc… And, all the students and teachers in between have found lots of great uses for it. I posted it a few months ago in the Tech Coordinator section but I think it is definitely a better fit in this section.

*One word of caution*-Sometimes when you pull up the site, you see other wordle creations. And, some of those creations can have inappropriate words. We put a link to http://www.wordle.net/create on our website. Students go straight to the create page without ever seeing the “gallery” of other works.

Has anyone else used wordle? How have you used it? It would be a great way to make a Christmas card/project for Mom & Dad!

10 02 2010
Susan Skoczynski (Bishop Sullivan)

I saw this in a VSTE newsletter. It is a hint of where our efforts might go if it really takes off.

Connect with Colleagues in Education
Join The Big Deal Book of Technology’s “Amazing Resources for Educators” community on the edWeb. The edWeb gives you the networking tools to connect you with colleagues, groups you’re associated with and the entire education community. You can collaborate with colleagues outside the boundaries of classroom walls and school buildings to share lesson plans and compare notes on resources and products. You can also discuss topics of mutual interest, write a blog, share files, images and videos—and much more—all for free. Now you can join The Big Deal Book of Technology’s community to get more frequent updates on grant deadlines, free resources and hot new sites for 21st century learning. And, of course, you can share any great new resources that you’ve unearthed!

A quick tour

To sign up

18 02 2010
Carolyn Chambers

Colleagues, send your younger students to http://www.worldbookonline.com for research. It’s safe and has a lot of interesting things to see and do. Also, if you have an old collection of encyclopedias or have access to a few of them, use as a teaching moment and compare the old way to do research with the new way.

27 04 2010

I have started a social bookmarking site with some good sources of info for web 2.0 and other stuff. I will be adding to it over the summer to add sources for various disciplines. Simply type what you are looking for in the “tags” line and see all the sites I use that fall into that category. The site was super simple to set up and I hope will be a wealth of info for our teachers.
If you know of a site that should be shared, let me know!


11 10 2012
Nancy Lamb

Diigo Workshop 2012 Teacher’s Conference
Slideshare with Screen shots:
Diigo QuickStart sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5esnqtvkuhvbawb/DiigoQuickStart.doc
Diigo Step-by-Step sheet:

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